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Breakfast salads

  >>  Looking for interesting, cold & crunchy vegetable salad recipes. I have
  >>  taken to eating veggies with breakfast, but so far I haven't ventured past
  >>  garden salad, fatfree coleslaw & broccoli slaw. I'm not really interested
  >>   in
  >>  omelets because I'd like the dish to be portable & not require
  >>  cooking/warming. Any suggestions/recipes for this unusual breakfast? 
  >>  Thanks,
  >>  Amy

Amy, I used to live overseas, and Israelis eat salads for breakfast all the time.  My favorite one is diced cucumbers and tomatoes, sometimes with diced sweet onion, also sometimes served with plain yogurt or leben/lebne, a sort of yogurt cheese.  I'm trying to remember what else, since it's been a while since I've eaten at an Israeli breakfast buffet... I vaguely remember a shredded carrot and raisin salad also being served for breakfast, which may have had pineapple in it, but don't much else about it.

Another possibility is to make ful muldames, which is an Egyptian fava bean recipe eaten for breakfast as well as meals later in the day.  It's basically cooked fava beans served with chopped eggs, lemon juice, salt, chopped onions, garlic, pepper, etc., and you season it to taste.  A good Middle Eastern cookbook should have the recipe for that.

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