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RE: Taco filling

They also have a new product in Wal-Mart.  It is the from Taco Bell.  It is 
very similar to the red sauce they use in their restaurants for mixing with the 
beef, they also have their taco salsa on sale as well now.  Maybe mixing that 
with the veggie ground round will be what you want.


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I make tacos at home all of the time using Yves Veggie Ground Round (original 
flavor) with the Old El Paso taco dinner kit.  The kit contains a powder to 
season the ground round, and I add a little water to mix it up a bit.  When I 
am being more strict about my fat intake, I just make a taco salad and my 
family eats the taco shells.

I have used other types of meat substitutes, but Yves is by far the best and my 
SAD husband loves the tacos.

Happy dining!


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