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Egg Safety

There has been so much conflicting information posted about egg safety
recently, that I felt  it would be helpful to turn to a more authoritative
source. Below, I've listed some links to government information about eggs.
Please take the time to read it. It's particularly important if you prepare
food for others, especially children.

Food Safety and Inspections Service, US Dept of Agriculture


Please note a few facts: If a chicken carries salmonella, the bacteria
contaminate the egg as it is formed inside the hen.  So you can have a
perfectly normal looking, uncracked, clean egg, and it can still be
contaminated. When the egg is contaminated in this manner, the bacteria
concentrate in the yolk. However, if the bacteria count in the yolk is high,
the white can also become infected. So only eating the white will not
protect you. Obviously, an egg with a damaged shell can also become
contaminated from fecal matter, and in this case, it would be the white with
the highest level of contamination.

FDA says you should never consume raw eggs. Personally, I think it's a
calculated risk, just like eating a raw oyster. If you decide to do it, you
should make that decision knowing the facts and exactly what risk you are
taking. And you should never take risks with someone else's health, so don't
serve raw eggs to guests or family.