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no-added-fat taco shells

To Nicole who asked about taco shells,
A really great way to make no added fat taco shells is
to drape
a number of corn tortillas (extra thin work the best)
over one or two
rungs on your oven rack (they will look quite flat), 
turn the heat
to 350 degrees and bake until they look like taco
shells. I think it takes between 5 and 8 minutes.
first batch is easiest, since you can start with a
cool oven rack,
but by using various utensils 
to shift their position if they didn't go on right,
you can place them even in a hot oven.
Be careful of ALL the hot parts of the oven!

I saw the idea in "Lowfat Cooking for Dummies", and I
think I've seen it on this list.
It makes great taco shells, and the only fat is from
the corn.

Laurie in Oklahoma

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