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Re Japanese Eggplant

Japanese Eggplant is much better than American because
they have less seeds & don't need peeling (assuming it's dark purple, if 
it's light purple and a bit curvy it's probably Chinese eggplant...  
the stores around here can't keep them straight either).  If it's Chinese
eggplant there should be a great (IMHO) recipe for strange flavored eggplant

in the archives (that works for Japanese eggplants too).

A really easy way to eat Japanese eggplant is to grill (outside or on
a gas cooktop, or you can use a gas broiler... electric broiler is ok but
not quite the same) until very soft and outside is charred.  Peel the skin,
 refrigerate (chop into smaller bite size pieces if you want, or leave
When cold serve with grated ginger, minced scallions optional.  Drizzle with

soy sauce.

Or serve slice thinly in miso soup (just cook the eggplant slices, unpeeled,
in the broth BEFORE you add the miso).  

Enjoy the eggplants, I'm jealous!