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Re: Raw eggs

> From: "L. F. LaFountain" <fogt.lafountain@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> DO NOT taste or eat anything that contains raw eggs.
> To tachyon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
> Next time someone has the flu, it could instead be food poisoning from raw
> eggs in uncooked cookie dough!  You are taking a risk with your family that
> in this day and age is unnecessary and dangerous.  Please refrain from
> advising others to take such foolish risks when scientific evidence proves
> otherwise.  Hope no one gets sick!

I did not advise others to do it, but will continue to do it myself 
-- there have been zero problems (I don't think anyone in my house 
gets the flu anyway -- just the occasional cold) and many benefits 
in terms of enjoyment of life.  So you do what you like and I'll do 
what I like.  Everyone has to determine their own risk level.

Though this list is probably the *last* place I should be talking 
about it, considering how *un*-fatfree raw eggs are.  So I apologize 
for having jumped into the discussion in the first place -- it's just
that I'd been talking about the same subject on an unrelated list 
last month, so it was tempting to cut and paste.

Here's something *much* more appropriate to the list:  I have been 
been making miso soup lately with cauliflower, because I think the 
cauliflower is good at soaking up the flavor and has good texture.  
The first few times I did this I used "Miso-Cup" freeze-dried miso
soup for the soup base, which was really good but expensive.  When I
ran out of that I got a container of Westbrae miso from the natural-
food store but didn't think it was very good -- it seems pretty 
mucky and bland compared to the "Miso-Cup".  I tried all three kinds
of Westbrae miso ("red", "yellow", and "brown") and they all seemed 
pretty much the same.  Westbrae is the only brand my local store has
-- I wonder if an Asian grocery would have "more authentic" brands 
that would be better.
Tane' Tachyon = tachyon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx = http://www.tachyonlabs.com/