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Fat Free Taboulleh

>To Brendan regarding fat free taboulleh:
>I just add a little more water to the mix instead of the oil.  I liked 
>someone's idea about the chickpea liquid, too, because we usually serve 
>taboulleh with hummus.  I think I'll try that next time.
>Ruth in the Chicago 'burbs

   I believe the original poster (Brendan?) said he had
heart disease.  In that case, or in the case of anyone with
high blood pressure, adding the liquid from canned beans may
not be a wise thing to do.  It's full of sodium.  

  In fact, when I use canned beans, I rinse, rinse, rinse
them very well to get out as much of the sodium as possible.

  If you compare the sodium content of a quantity of dry,
home-cooked beans (from a food count book or list) with that
of an equal quantity of canned beans (from the can), you can
see the large increase.

Pat Meadows