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Re: Soybeans

By the way I have grown Soybeans in my garden for the last few years there
are three varieties that I like one of which is the green and one is a black
bean that we use instead of regular black beans they dry easily and keep

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> Hi Zeftu@xxxxxxx,
> << I live in mIchigan which is one of the largest producers of  soybeans
> they never  have them in the produce market.  Go figure.>>
> I have been told that most of the soybeans we grow here in the US are
> for oil and additives to many products. They are different from the
> grown for Edamame. That could explain why you don't see them in the
> market.
> We are able to buy them frozen (in the pods and out) in the Asian market
> one of our larger supermarkets is carrying them now in their Organic
> food section. Perhaps you could request your market carry them.
> Have a good one,