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Re: Looking for good, easy tofu marinade

Hadass Eviatar wrote:
> I've looked in the archives, but what I've seen either didn't take my fancy
> or took too long to make. I'm looking for a marinade which I can throw
> together in a couple of minutes at 10 o'clock at night!

My apologies for the lack of measurements on this one, but here goes...

My usual tofu marinade is also my usual stir-fry sauce.

	Cooking sherry (I've discovered that cream sherry is too 
		sweet, but any dry sherry would probably be fine)
	A good vinegar (rice wine, red wine, balsamic, etc.)
	White pepper
	Tabasco sauce

Start with about 1-2 tablespoons of tamari.  Add enough sherry that you
can just start tasting it easily over the tamari (roughly about the same
amount of sherry as tamari).  Add enough vinegar so that your face just
starts to pucker with the flavor (a couple of dashes, maybe a bit more
if it's a mellow vinegar).  A shake or two of white pepper, and enough
tabasco to light up your life, and then mix thoroughly and pour it over
the tofu.  Let it marinate for as long as you like.  I then add this
into my stir-fry at the point in time when I would normally add just the
sauce, and heat the tofu through.

Stir-fry is about the only thing I tend to use tofu in, so this works
out well...

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