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Kathryn - I'm Impressed!

Hi Michelle & fellow members:

I just wanted to say that although I don't often contribute, I've been 
on this list for quite some time and have 3, 3 inch binders at home 
with all the wonderful ideas and tips I've collected from this 
discussion group.Reading the digest is part of my morning ritual 
now. If I'm really busy I may end up with a week's worth sitting in 
my inbox, but eventually I WILL read them; I wouldn't even consider 
just deleting them (I might MISS something!). 

Today, inspired by Kathryn's awesome salad dressing ideas (it's 
the IDEAS from such inspired individuals that make this group a 
goldmine for me - great idea, Kathryn - thank you !), I thought I'd 
take the time to say a big THANKS!  to our wonderful moderator 
Michelle and all of you. 

Three big cheers for Michelle, fatfree.com and all our great 
members! It's always such an adventure!