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sauces & frozen tofu

Someone asked recently if there were any marinades that did not call for 
using soy sauce, vegetarian worcestershire should be fine, Robbie's brand is 
a good one.

I saw my tofu was close to expiration so I decided to freeze it.  Perhaps 
some of you don't know that the texture changes to more of a chewy 
consistency when you freeze it.  I've only frozen the "tub" fir refrigerated 
kind, I don't know if it works well with the shelf firm type.  Anyway press 
out as much liquid as you can and then slice into cube like pieces and 
freeze.  I tried something different today, I sprinkled herb seasoning on the 
cubes and turned them and shook more on.  Then I took that faithful tamari 
(soy sauce) and sprinkled it lightly over it, turned and sprinkled again.  
I'll let you know in the future if it was worth the effort.  Frozen tofu is 
easier to work with (IMO) in stirred dishes.

Barbara in FL