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Re: Breakfast

I have two standard breakfasts:

The first is a combination of half regular oatmeal and the other half a
mixture of wheat, rye, and barley flakes cooked in water with a little apple
juice and a few raisins.

The other is a cold cereal, a half cup total of about equal quantities of
Nutlettes, oat bran, and wheat germ, with a level tablespoon (or a heaping
teaspoon) of ground flax seeds, fruit (currently strawberries most often
since I can get excellent organically grown ones), and soy milk.

I find both of these sweet enough without any additional sweetening.


"L. F. LaFountain" wrote:

> Does anyone have any suggestions for breakfast?  I'm stumped for something
> different!  Whatever it is, it should be very low in salt and sugar.