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RE: restaurants in Vancouver, BC? (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 10:32:13 -0700
From: Lisa Luscombe <Progasst2@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: Jack Beukema <beukemaj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: restaurants in Vancouver, BC?

I would have to agree with Willow - Vancouver is extremely veg-friendly.
They have at least one vegetarian entree on most menus.  I would like to
throw a couple of other things in the hat though.  

Japanese Restaurants - almost all Japanese restaurants make an assortment of
vegetarian sushi, yakisoba, donburi and other vegetarian entrees which are
delicious and relatively low in fat.

Planet Veg - great vegetarian fast food.

Nyala - Ethiopian food - excellent buffet on Wednesdays and Sunday - totally

Mongolian Grill - amazing selection of vegetables, noodles, tofu etc.  All
you can eat for 9.95.  Watch out because there are a couple of different
restaurants with the same name around town but this one is the best - its on
Denman Street in the West End.

Where abouts are you staying?


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From: Jack Beukema [mailto:beukemaj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Saturday, August 28, 1999 10:42 AM
To: fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: restaurants in Vancouver, BC?

I'd like some recommendations for good vegetarian/vegan restaurants in
Vancouver, BC.  
Barb b