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Re: popping corn

carli wrote:

> As far as I know...if you pop it on the stove it does need oil. 

i used to make it w/out oil on top of the stove all the time:  you have
to hang onto the pot w/ both hands and shake it relentlessly.  if you
catch the faintest whiff of burning, don't wait for all the kernels to
pop; take it off the burner.  i used to keep an old, battered, cheap pot
just for this purpose, so it didn't matter if a few kernels burned on
the bottom--don't use a good pot for fatfree corn-popping!  although
it's something of a pain, i can testify that stove-top popcorn does NOT
need oil.

I have an air 
> popper made by Orvile Redenbocker (sp?) that you can use either with oil or 
> with out and it goes in the microwave. I just love it. Makes great popcorn.

i used to have one i got at walmart:  like a squarish bowl w/ a tapered
foot, and a vented lid to go on top.  no oil needed and worked like a
charm.  about $5, as i recall.  i think they still sell them.
> You can also put some in a small lunch sized paper bag, fold over the top of 
> the bag and microwave it that way but Ive never had much luck w. that method.

i lost my microwave popper in a move and since then have relied on this
paper bag method, which works very well for me.  i use about 1/3-1/2 c.
of popcorn inside a lunch-sized paper bag, fold over the top once (just
as carli describes), and nuke on high for 3 minutes, though often i pull
it out before then if i get the tiniest whiff of burning.  once the bag
is cool and dry, i reuse it.  this method has worked very well for me
and the friends i've shown it to.  oh: it might make a difference that
my microwave has a carousel, so if yours doesn't, you'd want to turn the
bag halfway through.

whichever method you choose, when you pop corn w/out any fat, you really
need to stop the popping earlier than you would w/ fat-popped corn.  if
you wait til the popping slows to every 2 seconds (as most of the
microwave corn tells you), you're going to have burned corn.