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Eating in Philly

Suee20@xxxxxxxxx (SuanSmithe) asked about restaurants in Philly (?) near
the train station...

well, it depends on which station (there are three main ones :)

I'm assuming you're coming into Suburban station (it's in Center City,
not the 'burbs :) - you're very close to Chinatown - there are several
vegetarian Chinese restaurants - Cherry Street, Harmony, and Singapore.

Cherry Street on 8th and Cherry is my personal favorite, and though not
at all entirely fatfree, you can order from the "pritikin heart healthy"
menu and request no added fat, though I know others who doubt the
non-oiliness of these, so be clear when you order.

There's some good food at the Reading Terminal Market (right next to the
station, but I'd bet 99.99% of it is off limits for this list :)

... who's already been to the Flower Show - is that why you're coming in
to town?