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popping popcorn

Reading all the popcorn stuff sounded so good that I went out and bought
some nutritional yeast, some Bragg and a sprayer and some bulk popcorn.
Got it all home and realized I don't know how to cook the popcorn.  My
uncle used to do it in a skillet when I was a kid but I tried that and
came up with a burned mess.  My wife insists that large amounts of
butter or oil are necessary, even if I want to try to microwave it in a
paper bag.  Too many people from this list are eating popcorn for that
to be true so can someone set me on the right path please.
Buddy P. Gill
San Jose, Ca.
P.S. Ignore the "satan" stuff.  I built this computer from scratch and
it gave me many headaches so when I loaded win 98 and it asked for a
name I typed Satan and now I can't seem to change it to anything else.
It really freaks people out.  Oh well.