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Bright green

> Hi, all,
> Just feeling a little silly today.  I enjoyed the prospect of
> Tory's pasta
> primavera but then I read it again...
> In a message dated 03/23/2000 6:21:18 AM Eastern Standard Time, "Tory
> Klementsen" <ms.teechur@xxxxxxx> writes:
> >
> >  Boil water for pasta. Start the steamer. Steam the brocolli
> and carrots for
> >  about 3 minutes until BRIGHT green.
> Exactly how long must you steam carrots to turn them BRIGHT
> green???  (Just
> kidding, Tory)  <wink>

You tell them that you like brocolli ever so much better than carrots...and
they turn bright GREEN with envy!

Oops! LOL