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Tucson Restaurant

For Eva who wanted to know where to eat lowfat in Tucson. There are two
"Sweet Tomatoes" in Tucson (one in the East and one in the North) at:
  6202 E. Broadway Blvd.   Tel: 747-4137

  4420 N. Stone Ave.   Tel: 293-3343
These restaurants have the best salad bars I have ever seen. The food is all
very fresh (Caesar salads are made fresh every 20 minutes - I don't eat
them, but that's an example). There is a pasta bar, at least 4 kinds of soup
(homemade), 4 kinds of homemade muffins, a dessert bar and ff chocolate
frozen yogurt and low-fat vanilla ice cream. There are also baked potatoes
and pizza. I like to put the black bean vegetarian chili soup on my baked
potato as a topping when they have that soup. (Soups differ from day to
day.) I forgot to say the salad bar is 50 ft. long. That's where I load up.
There are Sweet Tomatoes restaurants popping up all over the country. In
southern California and Florida they are also known under the name
Souplantation. We look for them as we travel around the country - so I
finally wrote to get a list of all their restaruants. My DH is on the Ornish
diet - and can eat very well in this restaurant. Hope all this helps. You
can see I really like to eat in Sweet Tomatoes. Tucson also has Red Robin -
where you can get a Gardenburger or better yet the Bamboo Steamer (steamed
vegetables and noodles). While you are in Tucson - I should also mention
they have a Trader Joe's. Another good source of Fatfree food.
Patty in AZ