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TVP and basics

Hi, I'm new to the list and enjoying it a *great* deal.  I've lurked for a
few weeks to get the "flavor" of y'alls chat and poked around the wonderful
recipe rooms, trying stuff here and there, to the delight of my husband who
was sure we were going to starve on this new twist to our already
vegetarian diets, thank you very much for that.  I am interested in
learning how to use TVP, the texturized vegetable protein, I discovered via
your sloppy joe recipe, which DH (love that too) just adored.  The co op
has both the chunks and the granulated, which is what I used.  Is there a
book, website, someplace where I can learn more about how to reconstitute
with flavor, brown, and make better use of it?  I buy it in bulk bins, no
instructions so I was glad the instructions were in the recipe from your

How difficult is phyllo to manipulate?  Everything I've heard about it
prevented me from trying it back in the butter cooking days, I imagined
sheets of the stuff drying into poster board as I tried to do something
with it and was put off by that.  It looks like a super way to enclose
veggies and pies according to Ornish's book.

Thanks for everything, you gave us a great start with this!!