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Re: Worcester, MA restaurants

sprout26@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi Karen,
> I was raised not very far from Worcester, although I live in San
> Diego now.  There is a nice natural store with a cafe, called the
> Living Earth.  It is not strictly vegetarian, but they are VERY veg
> friendly and vegan friendly as well.  I know how to get there, but I am
> not sure of the street directions.  I think it is on the corner of Park
> and Chandler, pretty close to the Centrum.  There is another all
> vegetarian Asian restaurant called Quan Yin.  It is a bit harder to get
> to.

The Living Earth is indeed on the corner of Park and Chandler, but I
wouldn't exactly call it "pretty close to the Centrum" -- at least 10
blocks, maybe more, and through what I would consider one of the
grubbier sections of the city (I actually witnessed a bar fight in the
middle of Chandler St. on the way there one evening, had to swerve to
keep from running over one of the participants).  Not to say don't go
there, just drive or take a taxi if you do go.  The Living Earth cafe
hours are more limited than the store hours, so you may want to call
ahead to check.

I don't know that there's much available right close to the Centrum,
especially if you're looking for veg-friendly.  Quan Yin would require
either a car or a taxi to get there, but the food is pretty good (their
wonton soup is -wonderful-, though I'm not wild about any of their
eggplant dishes).

I keep thinking there's another veg restaurant down there somewhere, but
I can't remember why I think that.  It might be worth contacting the
Boston Vegetarian Society (Maynard Clark, vrc@xxxxxxxx, would be a good
contact -- Maynard, do you still hang out on this list?) to see if they
know of any other Worcester veg restaurants...

> Here is a link to both of these restaurants:
> http://www.veg.org/veg/Guide/USA/Massachusetts/Worcester.html

Fair warning, the World Guide hasn't been updated since 1996.  Luckily,
these two places were there in 1996.  This mentions that Living Earth
has an in-house bakery.  They closed out the bakery at least a year ago
and bring in baked goods from outside (no longer necessarily
vegan-friendly -- I miss the vegan muffins from their old bakery).  :( 
Other than that, these two descriptions are pretty accurate...


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