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Every Pictures Tells a Story..

Hello all! :)
Hope you're either outside enjoying a beautiful day, or you're hiding
inside, as I am, from a 95º day.

I'm looking for something handy, that I hope someone's thought of.
'Know that old stand-by, the red and white Better Homes and Gardens
Cookbook?  The one your mom had, then you had?   Well, mine's from 1968,
which I decided my mom's from 1952 was too outdated. <LOL>
In the meat sections, there are pictures of different cuts of meat, where
you can pick what you have in your hand, find its real name, then read how
that cut should best be cooked.  I've used those pages more than any in the
entire book.
Unfortunately, like most photography from the 60s and 70s, these pictures
have faded into nasty yellowish and brown shapes.  I wanted to scan them
into MC, since I still use them, but unfortunately, they come out worse than
the original picture.  I have a cookbook where I keep everything
informational called "The Basics" and thought these would be a great

Has anyone already done this and am I trying to reinvent the wheel?  If so,
would this person consider sharing?   Or if they don't have a scanner, since
the cookbook is a 3-ring binder, would they loan the pages, I'd scan, share,
and return them?  It might be helpful to some of the new cooks we get here
on the lists, too.