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Re: seitan 'chicken" mix

> Just recvd. my order from the Mail Co. I purchased seitan "chicken"
> mix (powder). However, no instructions for reconstituting were
> included.

There's usually on a separate piece of paper, probably folded up 
with your order sheet.

 Can someone help?

Sure! Here's the directions for the "Chicken":

1 1/2 cups dry mix
1 cup water
oil to taste (I never add this)

Mix all very quickly and thoroughly, being sure that all the dry mix is 
moistened. Knead from 3 to 8 minutes. Divide into 18 - 24 balls, 
flatten into cutlets and simmer in 8 cups vegetable stock for an hour.

Drain and cool before using.

Can be used in chicken-style salads, enchiladas, and tacos; 
marinated for outdoor barbeques; or added to chili, stir-fries, or 

Ingredients: Vital wheat gluten, non-soy bean flours, low-salt 
vegetarian broth seasonings, HVP with no added MSG.


I usually make mine using a Kitchenaide-type mixer and the 
kneading hook. An older recipe I had from a package of Bro. 
Pikarski's seitan mix says to let the seitan rest for at least 5 minutes 
before forming into shapes. In my case that really helped to cut 
down on the stickiness on my hands.

Sue in NJ