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Re: Dessert Cake Made with Yeast

>From: "Nancy Lee Wahaus" <nancylee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: desert cake made with yeast

>Does anyone have a recipe for cake made with yeast instead of baking
>powder or baking soda....preferably non-dairy?   Many Thanks/

   I don't know of any.  Lots of coffee cakes are made with
yeast, though.

   If your problem with baking powder is the sodium content
(this is a problem for many folks), then you could use a
sodium-free baking powder.  

   The only one I know of is called "Featherweight" and it
works fine.  I buy mine from The Healthy Heart Market.  They
have many low-sodium and sodium-free products as well as
some fatfree ones.


Pat Meadows