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fat-free blueberry creamcheese

Blueberry Creme Cheese (Fat-Free) =)
    In the store they sell fat free cream cheese in plain, strawberry and 
garden vegtable. Some people may want more varietreis!  So utnil the 
Philedelphia makes them for us, we'll just have to do it ourselves!  
    This recipe is for blueberry cream cheese but in place of blueberries I'm 
certain raspberries, blackberries, cheeries, boysenberries, bananas, or even 
peaches would work great.  

        2 T sugar
        15-20 blueberries
        8 oz. fat-free cream cheese
        1 t nutmeg (only if you wish, I like nutmeg, if you don't, don't use 
        1 t vanilla
        1.  Drizzle sugar all over blueberries and microwave 1 minute to give 
the blueberries a sweet taste and to make syrup.
        2.  In a food processor, mix blueberries and the syrup with 
creamcheese, nutmeg and vanilla, blend well and you'll get a thick creamy 
fat-free spreadable, blueberry creamcheese.

        *note.  I think you could be very creative with this, you could 
follow these guidlelines loosley and make garlic, chive & onion,  Honey, 
apples & cinnamon, chocolate (use hersheys fat-free chocalte syrup), vanilla, 
irish creme, creme de menthe, anything kiddos! I Chose Blueberries because I 
love them!