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Rice Cooker

I have a rice cooker. Now mine is computerized and has
many settings including one for brown rice and
porrige. Plus, It has a timer. I cook all kinds of
grains in it as the process is the same. I just have
to get the timing right. I make rice pudding and
barley soup in it as well. I cannot give you specific
recipes as I don't cook that way. I just put things
together based on experience and knowing how things
taste to me. Most things I cook are very simple.

My barley soup recipe is very simple. Cook about 1 cup
of barley in part water and vegetable broth adding in
spices in my rice cooker until barley is tender. I use
about a 1 to 3 ratio barley to liquid for this first
step. Remember. barley expands more than rice, so how
much barley and liquid you use depends on the size of
you rice cooker. After it's cooked, throw in whatever
veggies you prefer with some more liquid and cook
until the veggies are done. You can also transfer the
barley to a pot after it's cooked. I do this when the
barley has expanded and I want my soup to be less
thick. When it's done cooking, I add some dehydrated
split pea soup mix for added flavor as well as some
veggie salt and garlic powder.

As for the rice pudding, that is not totally fat-free.
It is non-dairy, but includes almonds and tahini. If
you are still interested in how I cook it, let me

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