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polenta & recipe for veggies Italian style

Hi Valerie! What about using the polenta as a base for a veggie casserole
type dish. I remember making something like this not too long ago except
that I also made the polenta. I used it as the base and then I put left
over cooked assorted veggies in a tomato based sauce on top. Then I
sprinkled it with nonfat cheese and baked it-it was delicious. Even my
kids ate it:) HTH, bk
Recipe for Veggies Italian Style

misting of pam or tiny bit of water or veggie broth
minced garlic
2-3 medium onions, sliced
green beans &/ or wax beans sliced
carrots sliced
mushrooms sliced
celery sliced
zucchini sliced
3-4 plum tomatoes diced
any other kind of  canned beans rinsed
artichoke hearts sliced
any other veggie you have on hand either sliced or diced
1-2 28 oz can either plum or Italian style tomatoes(the am't depends on
the am't of veggies to cook)
1-2 tbsp each basil, oregano, parsley
sugar to taste
pepper & salt to taste if you use it

Mist pot bottom with pam so garlic and onions don't stick. Saute till
soft. Or you can saute them in a tiny bit of water. Cook all together
till veggies are tender. Serve over rice, polenta, etc. If you use dried
beans, follow soaking method on pkg then cook separately before adding to
stew. They will take longer to cook and you may end up with hard pellets
in ther stew otherwise. You might need to increase the seasoning-it all
depends on the volume of stuff.