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anchovies and sugar

Re: Anchovy sub.

I never thought of capers...what a good idea!  I think in the past I've
used a bit of dark miso to make a dressing darker and saltier.  On the same
note, what about Marmite or Vegemite?  (You know, that reeeally salty
'vegetarian oxo' stuff).  I remember hearing it said that eating anchovies
was like eating eyebrows...never touched them since.   :-)

Re: Sugar sub for blueberry muffins.

I'm not sure where Kim is located, but in Canada there is a sugar sub
called 'Splenda' that is stable when heated.  (It is 'modified' sugar that
is low cal- it can even be used for rising yeast breads and freezer jams.)
Cyclamate is also available here, but its effect on health is unclear.  For
that reason I don't believe it's available in the U.K. or the States.  If
you have access to Splenda, add a bit more baking powder to the recipe.
Someone at Splenda told me that sugar has a rising property, so quick
breads and muffins made with Splenda might be a bit...."vertically
challanged".  (It works great this way, and the baking tastes lovely.)

Hope this helps.

S. McCleave BSc.(Hons)Ost
Ruth Pettle Wellness Centre, Toronto, Ontario