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Re: Quinoa Primavera


Only one modification: I removed the oil that you stir-fry in (2 tbs olive oil)
and substituted water or broth.  (And I doubled the recipe, which is so easy
with MasterCook.)  I wish all recipes were so easy to modify!

I'm always careful to rinse quinoa several times because the first time I had
it, it was so bitter and grassy that I thought I didn't like it.  It was only
after I read it had a bitter coating that needs to be removed that I tried it
again and loved it.  I guess you've either been lucky or you just like a taste
that I don't!  :-)


> Susan,
> What were your modifications?
> This recipe sounds good.  Thanks for the reminder to wash quinoa.  Although
> I've never experienced the bitterness you mention, most grains should be
> rinsed anyway.  Gets rid of, well, just icky stuff sometimes!
> Christine