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Re: FATFREE Digest V00 #153

On Sat, 3 Jun 2000 03:20:20 -0700, you wrote:

>Hi Everybody!!
>What's "egg beaters" (also referred to as "egg substitute" - I think)? Can
>it be replaced with something else? And what would the proportion be?
>Does anybody know of brands for sale in the UK?
>I am not a strict vegan as I sometimes eat products containing eggs, so what
>would be the benefit of using an egg substitute, if any?
>Oh, btw I found this recipe on a web site yesterday
>(http://www.dietwatch.com), which called for egg beaters. It sounded
>delicious & I will try it as soon as I know what this "egg beaters" is!!!
>Ah, I'm sure you could replace the Full Fat Cheese with a Very Low Fat or
>Non-Fat Version.

   "Egg Beaters" are, basically, just egg whites - I think
with preservatives added.  I tried them:  they taste
chemical-ish to me.  Yuck.  Not nice.  (This of course is
just my personal opinion, lots of people do use them.)

  I use egg whites wherever a recipe calls for Egg Beaters. 

  Actually, I also substitute only egg whites whenever
recipes call for whole eggs, in the ratio of two whites for
one whole egg.   

   I used to throw away the yolks (no dog), which is
wasteful.  Nowadays, though, I use dried egg whites (only
ingredient:  egg whites) called Just Whites, which I find
very useful in cooking.  I wouldn't try it for scrambled
eggs, or an omelet, but it's fine for baking and pancakes,
and anything like that.

  The only reason for using Egg Beaters (or only egg whites)
is to eliminate fat in recipes.  Vegans wouldn't use either
whole eggs, egg whites, or Egg Beaters.