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Off Topic...CANOLA OIL

Dear Susan....

I'm very well this is a "FAT-FREE" site and have been a member for many years. I didn't start this "Canola Oil" topic and would NEVER use this stuff in the first place. Except for maybe alternative fuel for my car (like I mentioned as well in my post).

This is NOT an urban legend story as it was a an official "legitimate" paper I read this article...Just for the life of me couldn't remember where.

Sorry if I offended anyone for passing along this information.

Don't flame me on the issue anymore!


Columbus, OHIO

Susan Swierkowski wrote...

I'm afraid your posting has all the earmarks of an urban legend. I did some
cursory poking around in http://www.urbanlegends.com and did a search on
canola. I found a discussion thread debunking the negative information
circulating about rapeseed/canola oil.
Although this is a fatfree list, I believe that a question about oil is not
out of line. We try to cook without adding fat, but we recognize that the
body does need some fat. Canola oil is a monounsatured fat with some
polyunsatured fat and the essential fats, omega-3 and omega-6. While I
wouldn't go overboard and gorge on it, it is most certainly fit for human
Susan Swierkowski