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grapenut bars and nut butter

Re: grapenut bars

I enjoy the grapenut bars often, but have only tried a few variations.  The
best luck I've had is replacing a bit of the grapenuts with rolled oats or
crushed frosted flakes.  Varying the dried fruit creates different tastes,
of course.  For what it's worth, I tried adding carob powder once and was
not impressed.  I wonder if subbing a part of the applesauce with maple
syrup or ff chocolate sauce would taste good?

Re: nut butter

When I feel like peanut butter, I make chickpea butter.  Drain a can of
chikpeas and reserve the juice.  Roast the chickpeas on a cookie sheet,
then grind in a blender.  Add reserved juice, sugar (or honey, or
sweetener) and process to a crunchy peanut butter consistancy.  Adding some
cinnamon and vanilla really enhances the flavour, too.

S. McCleave BSc.(Hons)Ost
Ruth Pettle Wellness Centre, Toronto, Ontario