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cassoulet request

Does anyone have a recipe for a classic bean cassoulet?  I once had a bean
cassoulet cooked in a south-of-France style that I have longed for ever
since.  It had navy or cannelini beans, pasta, diced vegetables, lots of
onions, and cooked up in a creamy sauce of its own (no dairy).  One of the
Dr. McDougall's meal cups, Pasta with Beans Mediterranean Style, is
surprisingly close.  Can anyone with a collection of classic French
cookbooks help?  You could e-mail a non-ff version to me and I can try to
adapt it.  The recipes I have tried so far are far too tomatoey, the
original was rather white and flecked with celery and other small chopped
vegetables, and seemed to have many herbs.  Any recipes or suggestions for
the seasoning are welcome.  If you have any South of France type cookbooks
that seem to have ff vegetarian-adaptable recipes, not just for cassoulet,
please pass along the titles.  Thanks!  Anne