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Chix Nuggets Idea

I wrote:
> > I think Health is Wealth Chix Nuggets are VLF.  Maybe those would
> > be good cut up with some fat-free veganaise, celery, and whatever
> > else you would put in chicken salad.
> >
> > Sounds good to me anyway!
Cherrie wrote:
> you know i have some of those in the freezer and have been trying to think
> of a creative way to use them!!!! thanks! :)

This is **really** simple, but suprisingly delicious.
Cook pasta.  Cook sauce.  As the sauce is cooking,
drop about 3-5 of those chix nuggets into it (frozen is fine).
When they get soft, use a spoon and knife to cut them into little 
pieces.  IMO, this really gives the sauce a great texture and flavor.
Non-veg*ns think it is really good too!  Eat this sauce with pasta, or 
make chix "parm" sandwiches.  If making sandwiches, leave the 
pieces a little bigger, or do not cut them at all.
San Diego, CA
P.S. This is also a good way to "stretch" the nuggets, since they are 
not cheap.