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Freezing Peaches

We have been freezing them for several years with great success. The other
day I discovered a frozen bag from two years ago that were in fine
condition. In fact,  we couldn't tell the difference from newer ones. They
are actually as good as fresh. I never preserve them in jars. My husband
simply peels and halves them, removing the pit. Then I stuff them into
plastic freezer bags and stack them onto the freezer shelves. They are
extremely tasty. Another nice feature is how easy it is to slice/dice them
for use in recipes. I very slightly thaw just to soften a bit then chop with
a chef's knife. Also, the juice is preserved in the peaches when they are
frozen. I use them just like fresh peaches, including eating as snacks,
especially while stiff partially frozen. Good luck and enjoy.
Live Long and Prosper