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Potatoes and Nutrional Yeast Request, & another CORN recipe!

Whoops! Guess I must have had one eye closed, because I missed the "recipe" 
for potatoes dipped in nutritional yeast. Dipped in what and cooked how? 
Sorry y'all have to reiterate!

Incidentally, to that gal who has all that corn...over the weekend I used my 
slow cooker to cook up a mess of red and yellow sweet peppers, sweet 
potatoes, a huge vadalia onion, a can of corn, one package of extra firm 
tofu, low sodium soy sauce, onion powder, a touch of garlic, a touch of 
cayenne pepper (season any way you like!).           Quite tasty. The tofu, 
of course, absorbed all the veggie flavors, etc. Not terribly exciting, but 
filling, healthy, and totally ff.