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Thanks and graham crackers

Hi, all,

Many thanks to the people who came up with Bob's Red Mill for the mysterious "grain site with a man's name in it".  We feeble-minded folks really appreciate the assistance.

As to graham crackers, Golden Grahams taste vaguely like them, but are much more crispy and sweet.  My kids love the cinnamon sugar kind but I'm a die-hard chocolate fan.  They make those, too.  :)  

Here in the US, graham cracker crumb pie crusts are popular for certain types of pie.  The US National Food Safety Database (didn't know there was such a thing until I asked Jeeves (www.ask.com) to define graham flour!) actually defines graham flour as coarsely ground whole wheat flour, which I would have argued with:

Carolyn J. Lackey, Registered Dietician & Ph.D. says,
"Both graham and whole wheat flour contain the bran, germ and endosperm of the wheat kernal. Graham flour is more coarsely ground than whole wheat flour..."

So, there you go.  There are several recipes out there for homemade graham crackers if you're interested in seeing for yourself.