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Re: FATFREE vs. a "little fat"

On Wed, 19 Jul 2000 MCBEAGS@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Sioban -
> I'm no chemist, but I can tell you that in the U.S. a "fatfree" product is 
> supposed to be truly fatfree (maybe a trace of fat is allowed in, that's 
> where I'd need the chemist to be sure).  Most dairy products where I live are 
> available in a regular, reduced fat, or fatfree version - i.e. regular sour 
> cream, reduced fat free sour cream (maybe 1/2 the fat of regular - I'm not 
> sure the exact fat reduction, but I believe there are regulations defining 
> how much fat must be removed) and fat free sour cream.

Actually, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) say that if a product has
less than .5 grams of fat per serving, it can be labelled fatfree.  So I
usually assume that if it says fatfree, it probably has .4 grams of fat in
it.  Except for things that obviously have no added fat (like raisins,
canned tomatoes, etc.).  This is important when you want to use alot more
than one serving of something, like the 'fatfree' butter sprays. If one
serving is 4 squirts and you use 20, you've probably added about 2 grams
of fat.

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