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breadmachine mixes

I make my own bread machine mixes by pre measuring recipes into zip lock
bags (I use instant yeast as it is meant to be used as a dry
ingredient).  Then just slip in a piece of paper with a list of
ingredients that need at to be added i.e., ususally just liquids, but
could be dried fruit, etc.  It really saves a significant amount of time
and leaves no mess to clean up when you actually want to bake.  Every
machine should come with a white bread recipe, but if you need one
please e-mail me.  My machine came with a very nice little recipe book
that includes several types of white bread.  Also IMHO *the* bread
resource is King Arthur Flour.  Their web site is
http://www.kingarthurflour.com   No affiliation, just a happy baker.

Hope this helps -