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RE: Substitute for Pam

How interesting and what a good idea.
I'm going to give this a try!
Does it wash off well or just kinda "season" the pan?  Beeswax as a fat
replacer.  Go fig're

Hadass Eviatar asked for a substitute for PAM to use with her sandwich
maker. My husband wipes a very thin layer of beeswax on skillets, bread
pans, and our waffle maker. A discussion of the chemistry of beeswax is
outside the limits of this list. However, I would like to say briefly
that beeswax does not fall into the definition of an oil or fat, that
is, a triglyceride. It is digestible. If anyone would like to email me
privately for a discussion about beeswax I would be happy to go into
more detail. Hadass, according to her signature, is a scientist so I
would like to point her to the entry on beeswax in the Merck Index and
also invite her to email me privately. My husband makes 100% beeswax
candles. We save the "stubs" and use them to "wipe" a warm pan. Beeswax
is not vegan, but if your diet permits honey, I think it would permit
beeswax. Hope this helps.

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