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Various topics

Holli said:
>6 medium zucchinis 
>2 tablespoons olive oil<

OOPS!  Oil is not allowed in recipes on this list!  (But the rest of the
recipe sounds great!)

Bethann said:
>My mom and grandmother had always put dried bay leaves in the pantry to
keep the bugs away<

I've read that you can also put out catnip because bugs don't like it.
However, you may have some crazy cats running around!  LOL

Martha said:
>Grain maggots and the resulting adult beetles or moths come from the eggs
that are present all of the time in all grains and flours - processors
cannot remove them.<

Oh gawd, please tell me this isn't so!!!  YECH!  Blah!  :-p   I guess
grains aren't vegan then.  {sigh}

About Paris:
>The restaurant specializing in mushrooms is called La Truffe<

The info we had on this restaurant was that it was open 365 days a year,
but when we went there, it was closed!

>>Right near Notre Dame is Grenier du Notre Dame which (if I remember) does
more tofu/seitan type stuff along with veggies.<
>This one I have not tried!  I would be interested in hearing a report
about it!<

We ate here and really enjoyed it.  It's a bit crowded, but the food was
great.  I wanted to get a smoothee, but I was so stuffed from my meal and
dessert.  And here's the info on that other restaurant I was discussing:
Piccolo Teatro, 4th, 6 rue des Ecouffes.  It was great!