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a fatfree mother

I can relate to the difficulties of trying to please the hubby and kids while 
trying to eat better yourself.  It must be very difficult to serve them foods 
that you can't eat.  Is there a way to compromise?   It has taken me years, 
but we've finally come to a point where I am almost pleasing everyone.  If 
not, there is always one thing each person will eat.  Grahm Kerr has a 
cookbook or two filled with low fat choices with "maximum flavor."  
Experiment a little.  There's alot of really terriffic recipies out there 
that aren't that "different."  
It's an adjustment for everyone.  But really, it's the best for everyone too. 
 The rest of your family deserves to reap the benefits of a better diet -even 
if they won't  acknowledge it yet.  I'll try to post a few of our family's 
favorites in the next week or so.