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Since this group is geared towards low fat/no fat vegetarian style
eaters...I need your help. I'm a frustrated vegetarian. I have a constant
battle with my weight.  I'm not overweight but constantly battle the 10 lb.
mark, up or down.  I went to a nutritionist for some help, but it was hard
b/c she wasn't a vegetarian and so of course her suggestions were very
boring. Can anyone out there either direct me to a "way of eating" (I hate
to say diet) that has worked for them?  I love bread, that's my
downfall...so I try to limit it.  However, I want to feel satisfied. I work
full time and have a 4 year old..so I have little time to cook. My husband
and son are not vegetarian so I usually cook them something and then me.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Also, I guess I missed a few
issues..what is TVP and how does it work?


Bored & Frustrated