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Florida Keys

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Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 08:21:53 EST
From: Jkdonofrio@xxxxxxx
Subject: Florida Keys
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My wife and I are headed for the Florida Keys in a month.  Anyone know of
vegetarian restaurants?  Thanks.

    I recently spent two weeks in the Keys.  The first at Bahia Honda State
Park and the second in the Old Town District of Key West.
      As far as specifically vegetarian restaurants, I am clueless.
However, there is one called 'Blue Heaven" in Key West and it was
wonderful!!  It did have veg selections and the flavors were amazing.  It is
an outdoor restaurant, they have some small live music performance every
night, and there are cats and chickens running around, but that's all part
of it's charm.  It is on Thomas Street, just a couple blks over from Truman.
They serve breakfast (starting at 8) and lunch and then close until they
begin serving dinner at 6.  Please let me know if you try it - and what you
    There is also an exquisite (albeit quite expensive) bakery called
'Cole's Peace' in Key West.  Fabulous breads, and other goods.  No donuts or
anything mainstream like that, and they only use whole grains, and no
refined (i.e. white) sugars.
Yum Yum!!  My husband and I rode our bikes there almost every morning to buy
a loaf to have with our coffee.

Hope this helps.......