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clarification of list rules re: chicken broth

Just for the record, I read the message asking about chicken broth
before the digest went out yesterday.  Since his question was
essentially: is chicken broth vegetarian?  I left it on the list since
that question is not off-topic.

For someone new to vegetarian food and cooking, that is a reasonable
question to ask and he also asked another reasonable question about
how a canned vegetarian broth could contain fat.  As previous posters
have mentioned, chicken broth is not vegetarian and vegetarian broths
contain fat when they add oil to the broth.  However, there are some
vegetarian broths that mimick the flavor of chicken broth (recipes are
in the www.fatfree.com archive, look in the basics/condiments section).

Recipes and discussion of cooking non-vegetarian foods is off topic,
but it's ok to ask if a specific item is vegetarian or not.  I'm rather
impressed that he asked rather than assumed that it was. I wish more
non-vegetarians would do so!  Just like I'm always pleased at a
restaurant when asked if there is a meat in a soup and they are
on-the-ball enough to let you know that there is chicken broth in
stock which would make it a non-vegetarian soup.

Michelle Dick
Owner, FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing List