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VLF Veggie Restaurants in London (England)

London 7th Febrary 2000.

Hello Folks!
I am new to this list & to my 'healthy eating regime'. I have been a veggie
for several years now but only recently have I started to think about all
the junk I was stuffing myself with, & it's made me change all my eating
habits almost overnight. Now I don't eat anything I haven't prepared myself.
No more chocolate, no more MacDonalds (...Yuck!!! How could I have ever
eaten there???), no processed foods or any kind of added fats.
Although, to be honest with you all, I am a LOUSY cook, so, it's my Other
Half who is making all these delicious vlf meals for me.
I'll post one of his recipes soon.
Anyway, we haven't eaten out for months, since I haven't been able to find a
very low fat/low fat veggie restaurant we could go to without having to
remortgage the house!!
We're living in South East London, ENGLAND (!!!) at the moment, although
we're both from Italy. So, if any of you knows of some restaurants in the
area (SE London & West End), pls let me know cos he's been threatening to
leave me if we don't go out soon!!! Just kiddin'...maybe not!
Loads of luv to each & everyone of you!! Take care!

CIAO, Anna x