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Oh my Gawd, No!!

I did a really stupid thing, but after the initial horror, (and a wonderful
DH who took care of the mess) I have an opportunity to start over.  Wanna
help? <s>

Here's the scoop:
About 4 weeks ago, I dropped something I needed behind the drop-in type
freezer I had in my dining room.  I pulled the freezer out, and naturally
horrified, cleaned behind it, and put it back.
Last week, I went to grab some ice cream, and almost fell over dead.  I must
have unplugged it and didn't know it until that moment.  I'll leave it to
your imagination, but although I'm veggie, my husband is a
meat-and-potatoes-hold-the-potatoes man, so, 'nuff said?

Bless that man's soul, at that point he decided to put in new cabinets,
replace the freezer and refrigerator, give me a real desk in the (former)
dining room and generally take care of business.

(He's a contractor and had an opportunity to give me 7" x 2' wide cabinets
in the dining room, where before I'd had a shelf with a counter, and replace
exposed 6" shelves in the kitchen with 12" cabinets with a counter top!! I
got a 6" wider refrigerator, and a reach-in freezer in place of the
waist-high drop-in freezer.  I'm in heaven.  For those of you who have seen
me 'round for awhile, I'm the one who has such a small kitchen I keep my dry
goods in the trunk of my car.  Remember? <LOL>  Now I actually have a pantry

So.. my question:
If you had the opportunity to fill a freezer with any basics you could think
of, what would you use?

As an aside, does anyone know if you can freeze yogurt?  I see so many great
recipes that call for it, but I can't cook as often as I like and must
freeze things.

So.  I welcome your suggestions!