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Carrot pulp Anyone ? YUM !!

Veggie Tuna from Imar Hutchins' Delights of the Garden
Have you always thought that there must be something you can do with all the
carrot pulp that stays in the juicer after you juice carrots. Some make
carrot cake, but you don't want to go from healthy carrots to unhealthy
carrot cake; so what can you do? Here is a recipe for a dish that is
delicious, yet healthy, and uses that carrot pulp. Veggie tuna. The name
come from its tunalike texture. The taste- DELICIOUS! 
*	5 pounds carrots, peeled - if organic, you can leave the peeling on 
*	2 stalks celery 
*	1 bell pepper, chopped (optional) 
*	1/2 - 1 small red onion, diced or minced 
*	1 large tomato 
*	1/2 cup Eggless Mayo (Nayonnaise) 
*	2 tablespoons tamari or soy sauce 
*	1 tablespoon sea salt or other salt substitute 
*	2 teaspoons kelp seasoning or kelp powder 
Juice the carrots in an electric juicer. Save the pulp to make this dish and
enjoy the juice as a refreshing beverage while you prepare this. Finely chop
the celery, bell pepper, onion, and tomato. Add the pulp of the carrots to
the chopped vegetables. Knead the eggless mayonnaise into the carrot pulp
mixture. Next knead in the tamari. Finally, knead in the sea salt and kelp
Serves 4 ( 3 - 4 cups)