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Re: TVP color

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Bette Turlington wrote:

> I like the convenience, texture, and price of TVP, but really dislike its
> light colored flecks in tomato-based foods.  Has anyone had success with
> darkening it (as in Gimme Lean)?
> Bette

What I sometimes do if I want a darker color is add a little Kitchen
Bouquet--found (I think) with the Worcestershire and steak sauces at the
grocery. My mom uses it to make gravy darker, and it works for tvp as
well.  For 1 cup tvp, I put about 1 T ketchup and 1/4 tsp Kitchen Bouquet
in a measuring cup and add enough boiling water to make it almost 1 cup
liquid.  Add to tvp and let sit for several minutes to reconstitute.  For
chunky tvp (like Dixie Diner's Beef Not chunks or strips) I might put it
in the microwave, covered, on warm or low for a few minutes.

The Dixie Diner's Beef Not tvp is darker colored to start with, so if you
are using a light tvp, you might want a little more KB.

And before someone asks, Dixie's can be found at
Just a satisified customer, no financial interests, etc...

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