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Back from Puerto Rico

Hi, everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that not only  lived through our three day/ two 
night stay in the rainforest in the shack without electricity and water, but 
I'd love to do it again!  Your suggestions were marvelous, and we used many 
of them.  Fruits were our main focus along with packaged salad mix, and 
precut broccoli, cauliflower and carrots to snack on.  We also did ff 
tortillas with canned black beans for one meal, and warmed them on the leaky 
propane two burner "stove". We did a 12 mile hike with a great waterfall as 
our destination and brought with us lots of bottled water, several pieces of 
fruit and crackers (lowfat, none were f.f.) and some lowfat cheese (couldn't 
get f.f.)  They also sold some fantastic Medjool dates that we packed.  For 
your information if you happen to go to Puerto Rico and fly in to San Juan, 
the grocery stores are very good, the one we went in to had a whole aisle of 
health foods, so there wasn't much of a problem staying on course.
Thanks again for your help!
Ruth in the gray Chicago 'burbs