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Re: Beanut butter

Go to www.dixiediner.com. This website features excellent whole soy products 
and they give you the nutritional values, etc. on each item. Nutletttes is a 
whole soy cereral, crunchy, very good. I use it in cooking, cereral, etc. Has 
excellent soy/isoflavone value (as Queenbee at dixiediner has explained to 
me, many companies are on the bandwagon w/soy products, but all soy is not 
created equally . . . DixieDiner products are top notch. Yes, Beanut Butter 
is like peanut butter (I actually like it better!) but is made from roasted 
soybeans.  Therefore, it is healthier, has 30% less fat than peanut butter, 
is an excellent source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and moreover, it is so 
satisfying. I yearned for peanut buttter but can't eat it, much too high in 
fats. But I can have Beanut Butter and do. However, it does contain fat, so 
one must of course be moderate. I consider Beanut Butter fats not as harmful 
as the saturated hydrogenated peanut butter. But, like members do say often, 
fat is fat. So, bottom line, mixing the nutlettes and beanut butter gives you 
a healthy, crunchy snack. Great mixed with tofu in a pudding. Great w/a fruit 
whip on  healthy bread. I do want to say it doesn't taste "exactly" like PB, 
but it's so close in every way. Enjoy.